WiFi Can Cause Death!

WiFi Can Cause Death | Health Risk of WiFi

Today the whole world is bound to the web of the Internet. Life without internet is a liability. And with WiFi, it’s even more handy. But, isn’t this WiFi harmful to the body? Does the use of so much WiFi have no effect on our body?

Does the use of so much WiFi have no effect on our body?

The answer is yes. When sleeping at night, the mobile will either keep it slightly off the bed or turn it off. Because, the WiFi radiation on the mobile can cause serious harm. 

Recently, a group of ninth-grade students from northern Jutland experimented with different types of herb seeds, suggesting that the mobile’s WiFi radiation is extremely harmful to life. It can also lead to death.

Researchers in England, Holland and Sweden are quite enthusiastic about the results of the test. Ole Johansson, a prominent researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, wants to conduct further research. 

He wants to repeat the test with Belgian professor Marie-Claire Kamarat. Lee Lelson, one of the students who conducted the test, said they had tested the seeds on four types of herbs.

The seeds of the vegetables were kept in 5 trays at the same temperature in two separate houses. Vegetable seeds kept in those two houses for 12 days were given equal amount of water and sunlight to allow them to grow. 

There were six trays containing vegetable seeds placed near two WiFi routers. As much radiation comes from ordinary mobile phones, radiation comes from those WiFi routers.

After 12 days, the seeds of herbs kept near the WiFi router did not grow at all. Most of them either dried up or died. And there were no wifi routers on the side of the vegetable seed trays, they grew very well and got water and sunlight.

Connecting to a device with WiFi just doesn’t work. It is connected via WLAN. This WLAN signal or electromagnetic wave is not healthy for the human body at all. 

This in turn damages the growth of the human body. The effect of the loop that is caused by the WLAN signal over WiFi is extremely damaging.

This can result in the following problems; Problems with attention, sleep problems, occasional headaches, ear aches and fatigue. However, it may not be possible to completely stop using WiFi. However, there are ways to minimize the effects of WiFi.

  1. Do not install WiFi routers in the bedroom or kitchen.
  2. Keep WiFi off when not in use.
  3. Use the phone occasionally with a cable. Turn off WiFi at that time.
  4. Keep WiFi connection off while sleeping.

To avoid danger situations, Fewie-Hess says, “Utilizing Wi-Fi rather than versatile Internet delivers less carbon. Watch video on a littler screen than on the big screen, so there is less force utilization”. 

Through various tests, it is possible to reduce the effects of WiFi. So if you have WiFi at home, you should get started.

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