How Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Works?

How Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Works? | Everything You Need to Know | Working Concepts

Wi-Fi is one of the latest innovations in modern technology. Wi-Fi is basically a way to transmit Internet to the surrounding device by sending and receiving signals using wireless waves. We are living in an era when the world has become a village. 

People on the other side of the globe are not just connected to the other end through the Internet connection; Can get all kinds of benefits. In fact, disconnecting from the Internet connection means being disconnected from one’s time.

Almost everyone who uses technology uses Wi-Fi at certain times of the day. The Internet is now a necessary condition in almost all areas of social media, such as buying emergency goods, buying train tickets, or teaching business.

The pace of the storm has changed because of bringing special quarters of universities, government or non-governmental organizations or various organizations into the Wi-Fi facilities. 

It may be easier for today’s teens to have a day without food; But one day it is not possible to be without internet  connection. Fewie-Hess says, “Utilizing Wi-Fi rather than portable Internet delivers less carbon”.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a technology that makes Internet connection almost anywhere. Can be connected to a computer, smartphone, tablet or audio device without any kind. This is why it is also called wireless connectivity.

Wi-Fi is also called Wireless Local Area Network or WLAN. WiFi is known as IEEE 802.11 technology in the language of computer technology.

It can be said without any complicated explanation IEEE 802.11 is a set of units used to implement WLAN communication.

Wi-Fi is the acronym for Wireless Fidelity in general sense. Although we know the technology today as Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi is essentially a brand name; The first to introduce this technology. 

This is very much the same as the use of the brand name ‘Honda’ as a synonym for motorcycle in our country. The brand is patronizing Wi-Fi technology worldwide as an important organization.

Of course, the Wi-Fi Alliance wanted to do something much bigger than the name, which would actually keep the user connected. That’s where the term Wi-Fi specialized.

How does Wi-Fi work?

As previously stated, the device is connected to the router using wireless waves over Wi-Fi. Two wireless components can also be used, depending on the amount of data – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Needless to say, Hertz is a measure of frequency. 

If you are sitting on the shore, measure the timing of the waves; So you basically measure the frequency. One Hertz is a wave in seconds. A GHz on the other hand means a billion waves in seconds.

The higher the frequency, the more the data transmission per second. The two Wi-Fi components are divided into several channels. 

Transmitting data through channels is the true magic. The first step starts with the user’s device. 

Whenever you give Internet access to your device; Convert your message to binary code. This binary code is changed by the Wi-Fi chip on the component.

The frequencies are channeled to your router. The router then converts the component back to binary code. Then turn your expected Internet traffic into. 

The router itself does not get it. Rather, it gets through the Internet cable. This process continues as long as you do anything that the Internet requires. And yes, everything happens with incredible speed.

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