WhatsApp Users Beware!

WhatsApp Users Beware!

Instant messaging application WhatsApp has recently added a new tool. The social media marketing giant Facebook-controlled messaging platform has a number of security flaws in this tool, which can be used to edit user messages or change words. That is, what you did not say or write on WhatsApp, rogue can change your message using special programs. News BBC

Experts at Checkpoint, a cyber security firm, claim they found an error in the new tool that was added to WhatsApp. By using this error, it is possible to change the message sent from the platform.

Checkpoint researcher Odade Vanunu said cyber-malicious people can exploit fake news spreads or deception on WhatsApp platforms by using a special program that uses WhatsApp’s flaws. 

There was no comment from Facebook on this issue of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp tool was recently showcased at the Cyber Security Conference Black Hat in Las Vegas, US.

Odd Vanunu claims that WhatsApp’s error can be used to publish one’s own comment or text instead of its own. 

That is, it is possible to change the meaning of what one has said. It is also possible to inform the identity of the sender. In addition, instead of sending private messages to one person, it goes to everyone.

Citing Facebook authorities, Vanunu said that due to WhatsApp’s infrastructure limitations, many errors are not possible. Because in WhatsApp encryption technology it is not possible to monitor who writes them.

WhatsApp is Facebook controlled freeware, cross platform messaging and voice over IP services. It allows you to exchange text messages and voice messages. The service can also share pictures, documents, user location and other media. 

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $16 billion in 2014. Since then, the service users are increasing. However, after the acquisition, WhatsApp has added a number of compatible features to Facebook, which have played a positive role in increasing the users of the service.

According to analysts, 30 percent of the world’s people are using WhatsApp. The messaging platform is spreading fake news. The solution is Facebook’s responsibility, which is not a way to avoid it.

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