Whatsapp and Instagram is Changing the Name!

Whatsapp and Instagram is Changing the Name!

The names of social media WhatsApp and Instagram are changing. Facebook authorities said the names of Instagram and WhatsApp will be changed this week.

In 2012, Instagram bought by social media giant Facebook. Two years later, the popular messaging app WhatsApp also entered the Facebook room. So Facebook has decided to use its own name to clarify the identity of the two.

Reportedly, the name of Facebook will be added to Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg says the initiative is to clarify that the popular social site is part of Facebook. Likewise, WhatsApp from Facebook will float when you open WhatsApp.

Already the ‘Instagram from Facebook‘ text appears in the settings on the iOS app. Although the Facebook page has not been mentioned in the home page, it is reported that it will appear in the near future.

Another hot news is No one can be added to WhatsApp group if desired or have dollar. The company recently opened such facilities to users. 

To avail this feature, the user must make some settings changes. If the settings are set correctly, no one will be able to directly add to any group Even if someone wants to add you to a group then you will come to an invitations.

Meanwhile a source says, WhatsApp will be discontinued on some smartphones after December 31, 2019. A list of such handsets has already been published in Gadget 3.

According to the report, WhatsApp services will be discontinued on all Windows smartphones starting January 1, 2020. WhatsApp not only stopped updating those phones from December 31, but the messaging app will be completely disabled.

Microsoft recently shut down support for Windows operating system dependent gadgets. WhatsApp is shutting down all smartphone messaging services on Windows this time. 

It is reported that WhatsApp will give the latest software updates to Windows smartphones in June. Genyoutube, clima But not only on Windows operating system dependent smartphones, WhatsApp service will not be available on the old version of Android phones. 

It is reported that WhatsApp will no longer work on Android v2.0.3 or earlier, starting January 1, 2020.

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