Twitter in Name Crisis

Twitter in Name Crisis

Twitter is one of the most popular social media now a days. When you open an account on Twitter, many do not get the desired name now. Someone has opened an account in the name of choice. 

So Twitter authorities wanted to cancel the inactive account and release some names. However, the plan has been postponed.

Recently, Twitter authorities said that the account will be deleted if it has been inactive for more than six months. 

If inactive accounts are not accessed at least once by December 11, the account will be completely deactivated.

Users of the Twitter authorities did not take this decision well. Many protested that such measures should not be taken in the accounts of those who have died. 

Twitter authorities canceled their plans last Wednesday, saying no account will be deleted unless there is a better way to memorialize the dead.

Facebook, a popular social networking website, has been providing users with a way to preserve the memory of friends or family members of Facebook since the early 2009. 

When a user dies, the death certificate is displayed to the Facebook authorities or the account is shown as evidence of death. There is also a message in the account named Memory Preservation.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Twitter authorities said, “I’ve heard about the impact of account closure. In our view, the matter went wrong. No account will be removed until you find a way to preserve the memory.”

According to a report by, Twitter plans to remove the inactive account from the plan to expose the user name. In many cases, interesting user names have occupied accounts that have long been inactive. This has upset many brands and Twitter users. Many do not open a new account without a proper name.

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