Three Unknown Google Services

Three Unknown Google Services | Unfamiliar Services of Google

Google Scholar: There is nothing new about Google’s excellence and popularity as a search engine. However, apart from creating a search engine for everyone, they have thought differently for education-related people only. 

Another application of Google Lab is Google Scholar. It is a search engine that is able to search various online reference books. Since launching in the 20th, it has been able to index almost all online journals. 

There are advanced search options whereby the author of a journal has the opportunity to search the journal without specifying information such as publisher, publication time etc. Site address:

Google Input Tools: English is the common language of global technology products. English is also the common language of a computer keyboard. 

The problem of writing different languages on the computer is also very old. In this case, separate phonetic language writing software is also introduced. To simplify this task, Google Lab has Google Input Tools. It was formerly known as Google Transliteration.

Google Input Tools modifies the phonetic alphabet by using the English keyboard, in the specified language. 

At present, we have the opportunity to write in 5 languages of major languages of the world including Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Hebrew, Canada, Nepali, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Urdu. You can write in any language by going to the site at 

The way we write via SMS on mobile can be written from here. And it can be used on almost all online platforms.

Google Book Engram Viewer: In addition to books published online, Google has already scanned about 20 percent of all books published on Earth. 

Google Books has been created by Google Books Engram Viewer to find out how many words, when, or how many times they have been used in these books. This application is capable of calculating this calculation from the 1400 to the present time. 

And the languages it supports are Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, and Russian. The site can easily tell the extent of use of a particular word or phrase at different times.

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