How Safe is It to Talk Over Mobile Phone While Charging?

How Safe is It to Talk Over Mobile Phone While Charging?

Many people charge their mobile phone to chat and play games or browse the internet. But is it really safe to use the mobile phone while charging? 

Expert technicians say, if there is a good brand mobile phone and use the same company charger, the chances of danger are very low. 

Many incidents are reported, where the death of a mobile phone explosion while talk over mobile phone or the burning of any part of the body.

One such incident happened last week in Durgapur town in West Bengal. A 22-year-old girl named Rhea Banerjee was speaking at the time of the mobile charge. All of a sudden the explosion happened. 

He died when he was taken to a hospital in flames. Fire brigades say that the woman, who was sitting in the bed talking on a mobile phone charge, had also burnt the bed.

Mobile phones, chargers recovered from the house were recovered. One of the local journalists who went there was saying, ‘When we were taking pictures of the bursting mobile, we noticed that it was not a brand name. 

The screen also burst. A red color charging was only associated with the mobile. The cables are again embedded in the leukoplast in two places. ”It is suspected that at the time of charging, a short circuit of electricity has exploded. 

And since Rhea Banerjee was talking on mobile at the time, it was fitted with her ear. The explosion has increased many times.

This is not the first. Two such incidents are reported in 2004 and 2005, where an Indian and a Nigerian were killed while charging over the phone. 

When a Chinese airliner received a call while charging on his phone in the morning, it exploded and died. 

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says they have documented 2000 accidents in 2012 to 2017 due to mobile phone batteries and chargers. 

These include fire, overheating, melting, smoke and explosions from the phone.

Experts say, while talk over mobile phones it may overheat. But before the temperature rises, there are some protective shells on the mobile that don’t allow it to reach the final temperature. 

A senior technician at a well-known mobile phone manufacturer, who did not want to be named, said, “The security armor of a company like ours has no chance of exploding. However, while charging, the mobile is somewhat hot. 

However, there is no possibility of danger from the big brand phone. But the brands that are cheap and anonymous, may not have such protection. 

Again, this is likely to happen even if the company’s phone uses a cheap charger without using the charger provided to them.

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