Who is Taking Information from FaceApp Users?

Who is Taking Information from FaceApp Users?

FaceApp has gained huge popularity on Facebook. With the click of this app, it can be seen in different age groups. The age of the photo can be as a 3 year old child in the app business again like a 5 year old. 

Not only that, this app also knows what it would look like to have someone of the opposite sex. 

Celebrities are now enjoying this age-changing app on social media. Bollywood, Hollywood celebrities have joined the age-changing trend in the app. This app is also used by popular you-tubers.

FaceApp is now at the peak of popularity. Everyone is busy verifying their age using this app. But not losing your personal information through this app? 

Opening up at 2017, FaceApp is pretty popular from the beginning. This popularity has grown again as celebrities recently started using this app. 

This app is the first place in the photo editing app section of the Google Play Store. But by agreeing to the terms of this app, users’ personal information is left in the hands of the app developers.

Senate leader Chuck Schumacher expressed his fear in a recent letter to the US intelligence agency FBI. 

He writes that the question arises as to whether the Russian-made app is leaking the personal information of US users. Given the information to the Russian government, there will be nothing else to do.

US lawyer Elizabeth Potts Weinstein also tweeted her concern. He posted a screenshot of the app’s terms. There, he shows that, while using this app, users are giving away information such as photos, names and preferences of the app maker to the Russian company. Former 

Google marketing manager Ariel Hostat also agrees, saying he has repeatedly made users aware of such apps. If this information goes into the hands of hackers, the consequences can be fatal. From personal data to bank accounts, everything can be accessed this way.

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