5 Misconceptions about Technology

5 Misconceptions about Technology

The list of technologies and services used in everyday life is increasing day by day. Many people have misconceptions about these technologies. 

Users do not enjoy all the services of a handheld device without sufficient knowledge. The phase of organizing such a misconception today-

1. Mac computer is virus free

One of the most common misconceptions in the world of technology is that a virus can never attack a Mac computer. 

Apple has been boasting that the virus will not be able to access their computer before. However, in 2012 a large number of Mac computers worldwide were infected with the Trojan virus. 

Therefore, the customer should be taken into consideration, that there is no computer that can not attack the virus. 

Therefore, no matter what the device is made of the company, the general customers have to take necessary steps to prevent the virus.

2. Loss of battery on long charge

Most of the users of different devices charge it for sleeping all day after using their mobile or computing device. 

A common misconception is that overcharging leads to battery loss. So far, no such evidence has been found to be true. 

Even the lithium-ion batteries now used on various mobile devices, the charge system itself becomes inefficient after the required charge.

3. The megapixel camera is as good as the picture

Many users of the device think, megapixel means a better camera. Is there a big difference between a 12-megapixel and a 8-megapixel camera? 

Image quality depends on the performance of the camera sensor; Not on how much the megapixel is. 

Powerful sensors can hold more light. Light and sensor are the main conditions for a good picture.

4. The use of the iPad charger on the iPhone is inappropriate

There is a common concept among Apple device users, iPad chargers should not be used to charge the iPhone. This idea cannot be dismissed at all. 

According to Apple, the iPhone can be charged with their 12-watt iPad adapter. But Steve Sandler, the founder of electronics research firm AI Systems, said that if the iPhone charges through the iPad’s charger for a year, the battery capacity of the iPhone can be noticed.

5. Hacking a memory card is not compatible

Device user There is a common misconception, especially among smartphone users, that memory cards can never be hacking. 

However, security researchers have already warned that it is possible to hack smartphones and tablet devices from memory cards as well. 

Not only mobile devices, personal computer (PC) can be hacked with microSD card.

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