Security Flaws in Qualcomm Chips on Android Smartphone

Security Flaws in Qualcomm Chips on Android Smartphone

Qualcomm chips used on Android devices have two types of security. As a result, hackers can easily steal important device information. This month’s security patch said the error will be corrected.

The Android Security Bulletin is released in August. In this bulletin, the Qualcomm chip addresses a security error.

Chinese technology firm Tencent’s cybersecurity division Tencent Blade has claimed they were able to detect two types of security flaws in several Qualcomm chips.

The two are being called together. This error allows hackers to access the Android kernel over the air. Over the air means being on the same network. 

That is, hackers can only attack specific devices if they are on the same Wi-Fi network. This requires no communication between the two devices.

Devices that have already been affected by this error must have installed this month’s Android Security Patch. 

However, one of the two errors is related to the source code of the Android operating system. 

And to fix the second error, Qualcomm needs to change its firmware code. This feature will be available on very few devices.

Researchers at Tencent say they have only verified Qualpan errors on Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 devices. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 845 chip (processor) have been used on these two phones.

A Qualcomm spokesman told Gidnett that Qualcomm always prioritizes any technical and personal security. 

We have told security researchers at Tencent that according to this industry norm, they should publish something under the award-winning program of security flaws. 

And the company has already taken steps to correct the error. Users should update the device as soon as the patch arrives.

Tencent Blade said on Qualcomm’s statement that they made the mistake of being self-motivated. They do not knowingly do anything wrong. 

Researchers at Tencent Blade say there are plans to report more in-depth observations soon.

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