Samsung is Celebrating 50 Years of Technological Innovation

Samsung is Celebrating 50 Years of Technological Innovation

50 years from today. The path to a world-renowned technology company began in South Korea. Since its inception, the company has come a long way. 

Their way of going was sometimes difficult or sometimes joyful. In order to position themselves in a competitive market, we have to be constantly focused on new innovations.

Within a very short time the company has won the customer’s heart.

At the same time, they have expanded their branches in different sectors. Samsung has many branches and branches.


On March 1, 1938 Lee Beong Chalo started a new business. Name the company ‘Samsung Trading Company’. 

Samsung’s company started in a garage with 40 employees, a few trucks in Daegu city, South Korea. Subsequently, Samsung Electronics began its widespread adoption in 1969.

Business type

Starting from South Korea, there are currently more than 80 businesses operating throughout the world. 

These businesses include products like Apparel, Automobile Chemical, Consumer Electronics, Component Medical Equipment Services, DRM, Shipments, Telecommunications, Equipment and Home Appliances. Services include Advertising Financial Services Hospitality Information, Communication and Technology, Services Medical Healthcare and Shipbuilding. Also, 

Samsung has many different divisions. These include Samsung Electronics, Samsung Engineering, Samsung C&D Corporation, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung SDS, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance and Samsung Seal Wild.

Interested in electronics products

Samsung Electronics began investing heavily in research and development work in 1980. As a result, there were various branches of Samsung Electronics Device, Samsung Corning, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Semiconductor and Samsung Telecommunications.


Munciana has shown the company with innovative innovations at the fastest time. Currently Samsung is ahead of the market for electronics products. Samsung overtook the top of all electronics companies in 2000. 

According to a survey of 2018, Samsung ranks sixth among the world’s largest brands. Samsung Electronics became the world’s largest mobile phone maker over Nokia in early 2012. According to the latest data of 2019, Samsung is the world’s largest mobile brand in terms of pricing and sales numbers.

Samsung wide

Many of Samsung’s businesses are operating in the digital city of Samsung. Samsung also has a theme park. The theme park is called Everland. 

Where Everything Is from adventure magic. Each year, 7.3 million visitors visit the theme park, making Samsung the largest ship under the heavy industry. Samsung’s shipbuilding area is the equivalent of 5204 football fields. 

Samsung also has different engineering departments. Samsung Tech Win made fighter jets, helicopters, cranes and tanks for the first time.

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