4 Reasons Why Phone Gets Hot?

4 Reasons Why Phone Gets Hot? | What to do When your Phone Gets Hot?

Some people say, talking too much makes the phone hot. Some other says that playing more games makes the phone hotter. Some people think, using the internet, the phone gets hot.

But it’s a smartphone which is generally use for talking, playing games, or use internet.

Any electronic device can be heated. Everything from cars to computers. For normal reasons, the smartphone is also heated. But not all smartphones are equally heated. Some are less, some are more.

The reason the phone is heating is different. Today we are going to discuss about 4 reasons why smartphones gets hot.

4 reasons why phones get hot?

1. Processor

The first reason why a smartphone gets hot is the processor. That’s the main part of the phone. Whether you use the phone or not, the processor is always running. 

He continues to work. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Inside the processor there are many tiny tiny electrons. 

Electrons generate more heat when downloaded than simply speaking or listening to music. The phone heats up. The processor sticks to the phone body. The result is feeling hot.

2. Battery:

While the smartphone is thin day by day, the battery technology has not improved that way. A weak battery creates more heat. Overheats the phone while charging or discharging a battery.

3. Weak network

If you are in a place where the network is very weak. The signal is coming and going. Or, the phone has to be very fast to get the WiFi signal. 

However, in that case the smartphone charges more. Your phone uses more power to signal over weak networks. Pressure in the processor. Smartphones are overheating.

4. How hot is normal 

A smartphone can be heated up to 35-47 degrees Celsius to work under normal conditions. Your phone is hot because it is less expensive, it is not. 

From Nokia to Apple, all phones are hot. But even if the phone is heated up to 35-47 degrees Celsius in stand-by mode, you will understand that there are problems.

phone hot

Keep in mind that if the smartphone is too hot, the processor is damaged. Performance is reduced. The processor is designed in such a way that it reduces the work by itself to cool down when it gets too hot. If this happens repeatedly, the processor will suffer permanent damage.

What is the way of salvation? It’s always be safe before it’s too late.

What to do if phones gets hot?

Firstly, provides it a clear break

Stop victimization your phone in real time if it’s really heating, can haven’t any selection as most phones will lock up after they reach a precise temperature.

Find a cool, dark place to depart your phone for a moment. likelihood is, it simply desires a clear stage from use and/or direct daylight and it’ll begin operating once more in a very jiffy.

Secondly , close all apps or programs at once

Close down everything non-essential, even the camera app, and provides your phone a much-needed break. Update software regularly. There may be too several apps and processes running within the background, inflicting your phone’s processor to blow.

You’ll usually be shocked what number apps and browser windows you have got open, as most phones don’t mechanically shut them once you come to the house screen.

Turn off some apps that are taking up too much space in the background. Keep RAM and cache clean. Delete unnecessary messages Keep animation off Keep Wi-Fi off when unnecessary.

Take the case off, if you have got one

Phone cases area unit fantastic for shielding our phones from physical harm, however most of them area unit really vented. Cases will entice heat against the phone’s shell and stop it from cooling down. 

If your phone has hassle cooling down, take the case off and provides it an opportunity to breathe. Take a smartphone cover that can absorb the heat of the phone. External heat should not overheat the phone. Keep the phone away from the sun as much as possible.

Turn on flight mode

If your phone still won’t quiet down, activate plane mode to pack up any wireless local area network or Bluetooth connections that might be straining its processor.

On most phones, this operate is straightforward to search out below the final settings menu.

Run a malware scan

If none of the on top of helps your phone quiet down, there may be a malware issue burning out your processor.


Smartphones can’t be used too much or games can’t be played – that’s not true at all. Rather, be aware that the phone is always charged. Specifically, during download.

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