Latest news on 5 Useful Add-ons for Gmail. The name of the service most commonly used by Internet users is email.
Check the 5 Upcoming Features of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world.
News on Customers Control Over Data is Increasing in Facebook. Facebook on Tuesday said it would change the company’s policies.
News on Huawei will Setup a New Factory in Brazil for $800 Million. China-based Huawei Technologies Limited has plans to build a new factory in Sao Paulo.
Why Phone Gets Hot? Some say, talking too much makes the phone hot. Some say, playing more games is more hot.
Samsung Galaxy Fold Mobile is Launching Soon. Recently, Samsung at last declared that the Galaxy Fold has been fixed.
Facebook Libra: The Digital Currency. Facebook is launching their own digital currency or cryptocurrency.
News on The Biggest Computer Chip in the World. US-based California-based Cerberus Systems claims to have created the largest computer processor.
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