News on Some Misconceptions about Technology. The list of technologies and services used in everyday life is increasing day by day.
7 Major Disadvantages of Using Facebook. In the last 100 years, the communication system has improved greatly.
Samsung Brings Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus Phone. Samsung has unveiled two new smartphones in the Galaxy Note series.
Check the latest news North Korea hacks $2 billion in cyber attacks. North Korea has stolen $2 billion dollar from cyber attacks.
News is Google fixes iPhone security error and bug. US web giant Google security researchers have found that hacking efforts.
FaceApp has gained huge popularity on Facebook. With the click of this app, it can be seen in different age groups.
Samsung Galaxy Fold Mobile is Launching Soon. Recently, Samsung at last declared that the Galaxy Fold has been fixed.
Samsung Note 10 Release Date Reveals. Samsung Note 10 release date will officially be announced.
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