Names of Dangerous Apps

Names of Dangerous Apps | Apps Store

Google has long been working to prevent dangerous apps in the Play Store. But cyber criminals are increasingly using the malware or secret code to exploit users’ information through malicious apps. 

Despite Google being the most cautious, security experts often find harmful apps in the Play Store. And so Google has formed an alliance called ‘App Defense Alliance’.

The alliance will work to find out if it is harmful to the Android user before releasing an app on the Play Store. Associated with Google are Asset, Lookout and Gymporium. Meanwhile, Google has teamed up to prevent harmful apps in the Play Store. 

Google has already removed these apps from the Play Store. However, these apps have been downloaded 1 million times. So if you have these apps on your phone, experts recommend deleting them quickly.

Apple affirmed they’d been booted from the App Store.

Apple told in any event one news outlet that 18 applications were expelled following the report, however Wandera seems to accept that twofold tallies one of the applications, with the firm taking note of in its discoveries that its “underlying rundown of contaminated applications included two examples of cricket score application ‘CrickOne’ that were facilitated on various local App Stores and contain particular metadata.” Upon audit, Wandera found that those applications utilize the equivalent codebase.

Apps are: Reverse Video Editing, Pixel Effect: Photo Editor & Overlay, Photo Smoke Effect, Photo Overlays, Photo Blender, Neon Light Photo Editor: Magic Effect, Blur Image Photo, Beautiful House Paint, Trippy Effect: Photo And Camera Filter Face: Photo and Camera Effects, Magic Video Editing, Magic Super Power, Magic Pencil Sketch, Magazine Photo Editor, Magazine Ezine Cover Maker, Magazine Cover Studio, True Love Calculator, Tattoo Maker, Tattoo Editor, Smoke Effect, Smoke Effect Art, Slice Master.

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