5 Important UX Tips for Web Designers

5 Important UX Tips for Web Designers

In this age of technology, almost every one of us follows a blog or news portal. Moreover, starting from various social networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, somehow we are all involved with different web sites or web apps. 

And from this experience we can easily understand that if the UX of a web site is not good, then we ourselves do not want to go to that website again. 

And that’s why today’s post about UX tips for web designers. For those who design the web, these 5 important UX tips will be of great use.

Now the first question is what is UX? Most of us know for certain, but for those who have just started web design, if you do not know or anyone who has read this article, then for those who say, UX is completely user experience. 

That is, we call UX the experience that your website visitor will have in regards to the design, content and content of your website by visiting your website.

UX Tips for Web Designers

So, it is very easy to understand, if the user may not find the download button when you come to download a book on your website. 

Or if the download method of your website is easier or less confusing than your website, users can move to another website even after the content of your website is enriched. 

That’s why let’s not know about the 5 important UX tips.

1. Plan the design thinking of the user

Steve Krug says in his book Don’t Make me Think, “If your user has difficulty understanding your design, it does not mean that your user is unmarked.” That means you are unmarked. “

Truthfully, we often do not remember what the content was on a website, but remember that the original download button is not found on the website of the ad. And which are very easy to find. 

Or, a website is not a great sight and neither is it. So, if you want to get a regular user, the first thing you should keep in mind when designing your website is content, typography and everything else.

2. Cleanliness and simplicity

Users always like clean and simple websites. Many glorious websites increase the loading time of the website with one hand, and also confuse the users in the other direction.

Modern design can be seen in any simple web site. Not just as much content as the show itself, but also the show itself. 

And as much as it is possible to do shows, this is a very important feature of modern websites. These things must be taken into account when designing a web.

3. The website is not read but scanned

This is so common, we don’t usually want to read too much writing. Often times, we do not read the entire article and just read the points. 

Even without entering the website, I try to understand what to do without looking at the pictures or buttons.

Every word on a website is very user-friendly when reading line by line. And the human brain does not even want to take the extra stress created by reading. 

Rather, it tries to capture as much information as possible at a glance. And for this reason, images should be used, not filled with web content. 

Or even if you use writing, you should write points. So that the user can read.

4. Common Design vs. Creativity:

Web designing has some common design patterns. For example, there are icons of a certain type for download. 

Aside from that type, if you use any other type of icon that your users are not familiar with, you may not be happy with the creative.

Again, with the three parallel spots from top to bottom we interpret the menu icon. Now if you use a star icon like this icon to indicate the menu, the user will have to take extra stress to understand it. 

That will make a negative impression about your website in your user’s mind.

So for those design patterns that are already widely accepted, it would be wrong to think that showing creativity about these design patterns will make your users experience better.

5. Visual Hierarchy:

Visual hierarchy means highlighting the things that are more important. There are numerous things that can be highlighted. 

An animation can be highlighted, or a content can be highlighted using a different font or different color.

But the most well-known and effective highlighting method is to keep the content you want to highlight larger than the size of the other content. 

You see, the download button that is original on many websites is kept a bit larger in size so that it can easily be seen. 

Again, many websites that want to highlight their motto, often use a slightly larger font on the motto website.

However, there is no such thing as a large size. Anyway it will be highlighted. However, it is important to keep in mind that your important message should still be in the user’s eyes while scanning.

Anyway, this was today’s talk about UX tips for web designers. If you have any questions or disagreements or any other tips, you can share them in the comment box. 

And be sure to share your post with your friends about the tips.

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