Impact of Technological Change

The Impact of Technological Change | Time Changing Technology

The context of the technology world is changing very rapidly since the seventies. With the advancement of technology, the advanced technology is getting old very fast. 

At the same time, all the revolutionary technologies are coming. Likewise in the days ahead, the revolutionary is capable of making all the changes, some of these technologies write.

In the seventies. The computer object is still a device for research and for industrial use only. The CPU size of a single computer is similar to the size of a small cell. 

And according to the conventional idea that ordinary people will do with computers or what? However, there was a lack of human thinking beyond this notion. 

People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Pat Ottellini, David Moore had far-reaching ideas. They thought of the computer as a device suitable for the everyday activities of ordinary people, beyond research and specialized work. 

Computers have come into the hands of people all over the world today with the wisdom and labor of these saints and their followers.

Computers have come into the hands of people all over the world today with the wisdom and labor of these saints and their followers. 

Thousands of different types of computers have been created on this computer. And all the technology associated with the computer has changed the picture of the whole world. 

The era of technology with computers, internet, mobile phones and modern tablet PCs and smartphones has reached that point. 

Yet the technology does not stop. There is no shortage of discussions about technologies that are capable of causing radical change in the days ahead. Some of these technologies are highlighted in this article.

Impact of Changing Technology

Memory Store

Since the inception of electronics, three components have been identified as a circuit component – all – resistors, inductors and capacitors. At 1971, UC Berkeley researcher Leon Chua gave the world the idea of a fourth circuit component. 

He named it Memorial. The words ‘memory’ and ‘register’ originate from the name of memory. And so is its function. The amount of electricity that flows through the memory can save it in memory.

Not only that, it can also change the amount of electricity flowing through it. And the most unique feature is that even when the power flow is off, it can still preserve its electrical status. 

As a result, its use as a much more efficient and efficient memory storage than flash memory is now possible. It is thought that memory usage will be increased further on the devices using memory. Enables RAM to replace it too. 

The idea that the researchers worked on solid state PCs is also possible for its welfare.

64-core CPU

From the beginning of the computer journey, a core processor has been used as a processor. However, from the beginning of this century, the processor journey of multiple cores began. Now, the Harahamsai quad-core processor is used on the PC. 

The core number of processors has now reached 3, thanks to Intel and AMD, two trusted world-class processors. 

Not only in the core numbers, but also in the processor room has come a huge change. Now they are working with 22 nanometers. 

Both Intel and AMD have continued to research the 64-core processor on a smaller chip than this. In the meantime, the core CPU has been buoyed by the market.

Gesture control

We are already familiar with the gaming experience of Microsoft’s Kinect for its gestures and body movements. 

But beyond that, technology companies are conducting research on head control for all types of devices. 

These controls include the control of the vocal cords and even the eyes only. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have already demonstrated some prototypes of computer control over the eyes. 

They said that it is possible to create and market a complete version of this technology in a very short time.


Semiconductor is one of the core of technology development. All semiconductor components are manufactured with various rockfires. 

From the beginning, researchers have been conducting various studies on semiconductors. This time, however, graphene has made major changes to the semiconductor. 

Graphene is essentially a thin, extremely strong, transparent, conductive, and self-modifying substance. Researchers say they can make nanowires on graphene. 

Because of this, the size of graphene made with graphene will be one hundred times smaller than that of ordinary chip using silicon semiconductor. 

This is because researchers use a similar thickness layer to create graphene. By doing this, making chips using graphene has become much more affordable than perfume.

Dr. Naurozian University of Science and Technology. Helgie also worked with fellow professor Bourne-Au Finland on Graphene.

During their research in 2012, Griffin expressed optimism that graphene would be able to occupy a large part of conventional semiconductor for the next decade. And that will bring about radical change in the computing device.

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