Google is Launching Several New Services

Google is Launching Several New Services 2019

Google Photos is a popular app on Android and iOS devices. This app allows users to backup and synchronize photos and videos they have on their phones to a cloud account. This time, Google Photos is bringing a number of interesting features for the convenience of users.

David Leeb, the product lead of Google Photos recently, wants some feedback from users about this app through his tweet. 

In addition to fixing bugs, this app will introduce new key features and improve app performance.

The new Google Photos feature:

1. Manual face tagging: Currently Google Photos does not allow users to select photos for face tagging. 

Now users of Google Photos can manually tag their photos. It is not yet known when exactly this feature will be brought.

2. Search for uploaded images: Google Photos has not yet been introduced to the mobile app.

But the company has already started working on it. Users will soon see those features on their Android and iOS operating systems.

3. Editing timestamps: One of the upcoming features of Google Photos is editing the timestamp, which will be brought directly to the Android app.

4. Deleting photos: The Google Photos team has already started working on users so that they can delete images or videos as they wish. In addition, users will have the opportunity to like and share their favorite pictures or videos.

5. Other Features: Lieb mentions multiple features via his Twitter post. One of them is the removal of duplicate pictures and videos, detailed descriptions through slideshows and so on.

The head of Google Photos confirmed this via his Twitter post. While the exact timing of these features will come up has not yet been determined. 

Google Product Manager of Search David Manesses admitted in a block of companies that their language experts listened to it all over the world. He claims that this is done for the development of language technology.

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