Google Forbids Political Advertising

Google Forbids Political Advertising

The allegations of spreading political messages using social media to influence elections in different countries are quite old. Google has decided to ban political advertising campaigns to get rid of it. The ban is being issued globally to promote the company’s YouTube and Google search platforms.

The restrictions will be enforced in the UK within the next one week. Then the restrictions will gradually be imposed in different countries of the world. 

However, instead of running a campaign to match specific voter databases, there will be an opportunity to show ads based on a specific age, gender or location.

Not only that, if the ad is fraudulent, then Google can take action against the advertiser.

Earlier, on November 15, the social media decided to stop the Twitter controversy by disrupting political advertising on their platform, which will take effect from November 22. However, Facebook still has the opportunity to advertise such ads.

Scott Spencer, head of product management for the Google Aids division, said in a blog post yesterday that the political advertising that we could take action would be limited. However, action will be taken only if there is a clear violation of the principles.

He added that the policy will be implemented in the UK next week. Since some policies have changed, it will take some time to apply these policies worldwide. 

We expect the program to be launched globally from the first week of January.

According to sources, a small amount of Google’s $ 116 billion in revenue comes from political advertising. 

According to the March 2019 estimate, only $ 0.1 million dollars was spent on political advertising in the UK.

Google has generated US $ 13 billion in political advertising since it began publishing information in the 2018. 

The largest amount of money was spent by the ‘Trump Make America Great Against Committee’. They spent $ 8.5 million in Google advertising.

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