Facebook Closes Group Chat

Facebook Closes Group Chat

Group chat with four to five or more people on popular social media Facebook Messenger. This is how the group studies. 

This group chat is also used for chatting or official work. No need for work group chat in chat or chat. 

Facebook has been shutting down group chat services created by Facebook groups in the face of privacy. Which goes into effect next Thursday (August 22).

However, group chats will be closed but previous chats will still be visible Facebook has been notifying users in Messenger since Saturday morning.

The bad news for Facebook users is that the service has been announced from August 22 next. The group’s previous chats will still appear.

The Community Leadership Circle from Facebook confirmed the information in a post on Saturday. It says Facebook’s group chat feature is not compatible with the social media infrastructure. 

That’s why Facebook users are shutting down the data security and security considerations. Even if it is off, you can group chat with friends on the Friends list on Facebook. Friends who are not in the Friends list will not be able to join the group.

The Community Leadership Circle from the Facebook page has been written, but there are still some thoughts on whether to do something new in the group chat for immediate communication. However, it is not yet known what kind it will be.

Facebook Messenger was launched in 2008. It was reformed and re-introduced in 2010. Facebook’s video call service was launched on July 6,2011 with Skype as their technology partner. 

Then on August 9,2011 Facebook Messenger was officially launched on Android and iOS app. And group chat was launched on Facebook in 2013.

Note that after the launch of Facebook, group chat was launched on 2013, which can be used on desktops, laptops, and also on Android and iOS apps.

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