Eye of the Rogues on TikTok

Eye of the Rogues on TikTok

Short video sharing app TikTok is gaining popularity. The app has risen to number 4 in the list of most downloaded apps in the world. The popularity of cyber-rogue now. 

TikTok is taking users to a crappy site. A recent research report by the cyber security firm Tenable revealed the risky aspects of TikTok. 

According to the report, TikTok is slowly becoming the focus of adult dating scams and fake accounts.

Cyber criminals take users to a specific page or website through TikTok videos. There, users are asked to sign up with personal information. Most of them are dating sites.

Satnam Narang, a specialist in the Tenable, said in a blog post that the popularity of TikTok is increasing as well as the attraction of scammers. 

The miscreants steal interesting pictures from various profiles on Snapchat and Instagram. The user then takes them to different node pages, using interest. 

These pages are sent to the user on various dating sites. There, they are asked to fill in information, including age. Filling this information takes you to another site again. There is also information to fill. 

They can earn money on a Cost Per Action (CPA) basis for this type of work. If they can create such accounts, they will earn up to one to three dollars. 

Beyond signing up for a premium Snapchat account, cyber-rogue can also take money and information.

According to the Senate report on the technology website, the number of ticker scammers and scams on the Apple device is on the rise. This is the app at the top of the App Store as a download. It is number three in the Google Play Store.

Regarding the scam account of TikTok, a spokesman for the company said that the scam accounts mentioned in the Tenable report were removed. 

TikTok ‘s policy against fake and deceptive content is strict. The scam account is deleted before it reaches the user’s feed.

However, TikTok authorities have not yet disclosed how many accounts have been removed.

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