5 Extraordinary Fast Real Robots 2021

5 Extraordinary Real Fast Robots 2021

For those who are familiar with the science fiction story, robots are nothing new. Not only that, the team of robots will once again occupy the earth, no less in the mythology. 

Not only in science, but for the welfare of Hollywood, robots are now spreading to everyone.

Transformers and those who have seen these national films are no strangers to robots trying to take over the world.

However, research on various types of robots and robotics articles has been ongoing since the end of the last century. 

As a result of these studies, robot information are no longer limited to mere science. 

Rather, in the science of robots that are useful for everyday activities, such robots have already been marketed.

These robots are often organized in the technology world. This article describes some of the robots that are different from these robots. We will know first what is robotics?

Robotics is a part of building that includes the origination, structure, production, and activity of robots. This field covers with gadgets, software engineering, AI, mechanics, nanotechnology and so on.

Today, we’re seeing an advanced and extended meaning of robotics that incorporates the improvement, creation and utilization of bots that investigate earth’s harshest conditions, history of robots that help law-authorization and even robots that aid pretty much every feature of human services.

While the general universe of application of robotics is extending, a robot has some predictable qualities. 

Robots contain probably some degree of PC programming. Without a lot of code guiding it, a robot would simply be another bit of basic hardware. 

Embedding a program into a robot enables it to realize when and how to do an errand.

The robotics companies is still generally youthful, yet has just made astonishing steps. 

From the most profound profundities of our seas to the most noteworthy statures of space, robots can be discovered performing errands that people couldn’t fantasy about accomplishing.

5 Extraordinary Real Robots

1. Inorobo

No matter what we think of the future robot kingdom, the main goal of Inorobo is basically a service robot. 

This means that Inorobo organizes the exhibition with the robots that are providing us with assistance in various tasks every day. 

Similar types of robots have also been displayed in three days of Inoroba this year in Lio, France. 

The article highlights some of the shocking robots.

Inorobo Robot
2. Robot Salamander

Salamander is essentially an alien creature resembling a lizard, which is thought to live in the fire. This happens again.

Of the many robots that have been displayed in Inorobo, a robotic giraffe or robotic salamander has caught the eye of all. 

The salamander was built at a biobiotics laboratory in Lausanne, near Geneva, Switzerland. Like the Salamander, the shocking feature of this robot is that it can swim in water as it walks on the ground.

And it looks just like a jar. The basic idea behind the creation of this robot is to understand the natural functions. 

“It was not our goal to create this robot,” said Costas Karakciolotis, a researcher involved in the construction. Rather, our goal was to create something so that we could better understand our own neural network.”

The reason why researchers working with this goal was to keep the neuro biologists with them. And as a result, the robots they create can move precisely like anything living

3. Telenoid Robots

PhD student Kohei Obawa’s concept is quite exceptional. He wants to come up with a new idea in telecommunications.

Using the robot, he also wants to transfer human presence and the actual behavior of people to the telecommunications system. For this he has created a Telenoid Robot.

This is basically a Skype device in the form of miniature humans. It has the same body and face as the people and VoIP service. 

It has all the advantages of a normal phone. But its specialty is that it can monitor and detect human activity through sensors and can even remember it. 

Speaking of this gesture, people remember the gestures that people make when talking.

And then when one speaks, the other side will be able to shake its head consistently on the basis of Telenoid words in either a yes or an index. 

Or it can also express emotional behaviors like wanting to get involved. The project is currently in shape at the Intelligent Robotic Laboratory at Osaka University, Japan.

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, who is famous for creating robots with his own face, is at the head of it. In the meantime, many have set up shelves that have been working successfully.

Robot Smartphones
4. Robot Smartphones

Many people wish to use robots, but many are left behind because of the cost.

However, they can be assisted by their own smartphones. Many have thought of using devices such as smartphones as robots, and the results have been mixed. Previously the Ted Show featured a robot compatible with the iPhone.

There have also been a number of such smartboats displayed in Inorobo. They can work on iOS and Android and Windows platform smartphones as well. 

An organization called Overdrive Robotics is working on this smart bot. In the case of Eraboat, the smartphone basically acts as the brain or the driving force of the robot.

With smart bots, it is possible to do a variety of tasks including taking pictures, listening to music, video conferencing automatically with the help of smartphones. 

They said plans to bring such a smartboat to market in Euro 160 come April. Initially, it will come to the market with 12 applications. Many people are now waiting for the prototype of Inorobo to see the smartboat.

5. Robots in Different Services

In mythology, robots will be everywhere in the streets of the cities of the future, in shops, everywhere in the world.

They will always be there to meet all kinds of human needs. Robots that can be found in some places in Seoul, South Korea, who will help you identify the road or shop at the shopping mall. In China, France, Brazil and Japan, it is also practically in Inorobe. 

One of them is named Gilberto. Made at a blockchain farm in Switzerland, this robot can provide different types of information during the conference.

It also has the experience of working as a guide at the Robotic Museum in Switzerland. Blubtik, however, has also developed a coffee-making robot called Nesdot. It operates at the headquarters of a coffee producing company called Nespresso.

Inorobo was the face in the presence of more such robots. In the future, they will spread not only in the exhibition but also in daily life. And the technology-loving people are waiting for that time.

Robots in Different Services

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