ByteDance Launches New Search Engine in China

ByteDance Launches New Search Engine in China

China-based social media company ByteDance has been very briefly acquainted with the TikTok app. The company has launched search engine services in the local market. 

In the meantime, the governing body of TikTok entered an area where Baidu was dominated. News Reuters.

Bytedance Short Video App is emphasizing the growth of business in new sectors, besides strengthening the activities of Ticket, Video Services and News-based App. 

As a part of this, the company initially entered the search service in the local market. Although Baidu has emerged as a competitor in the Chinese search services sector, Bytedance is competing with Tencent Holdings Limited in the workplace messaging and music streaming sector.

Bytedance’s search engine has been named ‘Tausia Search’. The service is referred to as the flagship product of the organization. 

The search engine that ByteDance is about to launch was hinted last month. At that time, a social media post announced the appointment of a manpower to work on the search engine team. Meanwhile, search giant Google, Baidu and Bing have hired engineers.

ByteDance has already announced the smartphone business in partnership with a device maker called Smartyson Technology. 

Smartyasan Technology, a relatively small competitor of China’s smartphone device market, has been working on smartphone development since its inception. The ByteDance deal is part of that plan. This will enable the company to deliver products to the needs of older customers.

According to a report released late last month, ByteDance has been working on unveiling the smartphone for seven months. Wu DeJuzu, a former executive at Smartiesan Technology, is leading the project.

ByteDance acquired a few sets of Smartiesan Technology patents earlier this year. Besides, several employees of the device maker have already started working for Bydance. By then, the task of hiring Smartiesan technology staff was explained by Bitdance.

The most popular product of Bytedance is TikTok. Last March, the download of this social video app exceeded 100 percent. The app has crossed the milestone of downloading on both Android and iOS platforms.

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