Best Small Laptop in 1 inch!

Best Small Laptop in 1 inch! - The Smallest Laptop in the World 2019

We all use laptop in our daily life. Many of us cannot imagine our life without laptop, tab or other electronics devices. 

Most of the people prefer tiny laptop rather than desktop because pocket sized laptops is easy to carry. But there are always some exceptions. People have their own perception and thinking about it. 

We heard about laptop screen size of 10 inch, 13 inch, 14 inch even more than that. Have we ever think laptop screen can be 1 inch only? Wow! That’s awesome if it be, right?

 Yes, there is news about the smallest windows laptop which screen size is only 1 inch!

Smallest Laptop Screen Sizes

Scientists have been pushing inches to study the shape of a laptop. Paul Klinger has created a special best small laptop that is smaller than IBM’s ThinkPad

The one-inch screen laptop is the best smallest laptop in the world. The one who made this laptop is Paul Klinger. Paul Klinger named this laptop ThinkTini. This laptop is smaller than IBM’s ThinkPad.

This smallest laptop have the cool features and configurations. This smallest laptop obviously don’t have high configurations like other laptops but the cool thing is the Klinger laptop has only a 0.96 inch screen. 

This smallest laptop has a red trackpoint style cursor controller in the middle of the ThinkPad-like keypad.

Display and Battery

This smallest laptop has an OLED display of 128×64 pixels. Additionally, this small laptop has an Ateneo-1614 mini controller. This is pretty awesome and cool.

This smallest laptop has a 300 mAh battery. Its battery is rechargeable. With this, TP-5400 battery charger has been provided. 

The special aspect of a laptop is that you can play games in it. This one-inch smallest laptop supports games like Snake, Lunar Lander and Tetris.


Klinger took a week to build this mini smallest laptop ThinkTini. Klinger says its components cost $70 and custom printed circuit boards cost $15.

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