Apple Faces Investigation in Russia

Apple Faces Investigation in Russia

Apple is under investigation in Russia. Russia has launched an investigation against the iPhone maker for unfair competition in the market. 

An investigation into the allegations by Apple, Kaspersky Lab, is abusing market dominance in the country. News Reuters.

The Russian regulatory body FAS said it was investigating what caused the new version of the Kaspersky Lab’s Safe Kids app to be rejected on Apple’s operating system. 

It is believed that Apple’s own parental control app would do so in the face of competition.

FAS claims Apple recently unveiled the 12th version of their Parental Control app. It also features a ‘screen time’ feature, which works just like the Safe Kids app at Kaspersky Lab. 

Parents can control their children’s phones and tablets using the Parental Control App. Use of such apps is now increasing among parents worldwide. 

As a result, online children are directed to the right direction by preventing them from accessing unwanted content or knowing online activity.

Citing a statement on April 28, Apple said they were pushing to boost the App Store’s security. App business is becoming important to them. 

That is why the service is being given more importance. A number of parental control apps have recently been removed from the App Store

Because these apps were jeopardizing customer privacy and security.

Apple said some of the apps that were removed from the App Store use Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology, which gives the app deeper access to data collection. 

Consumers are prohibited from using such technology on App Store policies. The new version of the Safe Kids app at Kaspersky Lab also had the same technology. That’s why the app is removed from the App Store.

Kaspersky claims Apple’s App Store appliance allows a limited range of MDM usage. But it is unclear how to get Apple’s permission in this regard. 

Kaspersky claims Apple’s competition with third-party developers is also reduced due to this policy.

Apple is having a bad time in the global smartphone market. iPhone sales of some marginal companies pulled down. 

This has a negative impact on the revenue of the company. Although the revenue of the iPhone business division is decreasing, the company’s revenue from the App Store and other services sector is increasing. 

Apple’s business is thought to have little effect on the Russian authorities’ investigation.

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