Is Antivirus Software Beneficial or Harmful?

Is Antivirus Software Beneficial or Harmful?

Antivirus is installed for good. It’s very common that people use antivirus to protect their devices from viruses. So is all antivirus good? Sometimes the antivirus does various damage.

How To Protect Your Devices From The Antivirus?

Computer virus

It is difficult to find a user who uses a computer but does not have problems with the virus. Computer viruses are basically a program that interrupts the operating system’s functions. 

Antivirus is available to get rid of these obstructive programs. Antivirus is also a type of software that blocks or deactivates all types of viruses. 

If someone uses only commercial software and does not install downloaded software from the Internet, then they are less likely to be infected with the virus. 

Again, if you install various third-party programs or games downloaded from the Internet, the virus may still appear. 

And when you enter something else on the computer, such as a CD, a separate hard disk, and especially a pen drive, the virus spreads very fast. 

The only way to get infected with the virus is through websites and e-mails.

Signs of being infected with the virus

Computer virus is infected with certain symptoms. Such as loading computers late, showing bad sectors on the hard disk, resizing bib files, reducing free memory, displaying a sudden error message, destroying hard disk partitions, deleting bio-source and hard disk data. 

It is usually understood as soon as some viruses are infected; But there are viruses that suddenly attack the computer after being on the computer for a long time. 

Many people do not like antivirus again to protect them.

There are compelling reasons for not liking. One of the biggest complaints against antivirus is that it slows down the computer. 

Without it, virus alerts no longer bother with repeated pop-ups. It also costs money to buy antivirus software. Even with the new updates every year, there is a huge amount of money that comes out as a license fee.

Antivirus only when spy

If all these antivirus do not protect your PC and spy on you and capture all the important computer information, then surely it will be a matter of concern. 

These national antiviruses are called ‘spy’ or ‘spy’ antivirus. Their activities seem to be just like any other good antivirus. 

This is because they also detect harmful malware infections like other powerful antiviruses. These types of antivirus can be scanned free of charge, but there are certain fees to pay for deleting harmful malware. 

In this case, since the fee is required to enter the credit card number, the user’s credit card number and money goes to the spy antivirus team.

As well as stealing user’s personal information like user preferences, cash-cookies, browsing history etc. without any permission. 

It also takes control of various applications on the user’s computer. It has now become a big business. Such plotting parties usually also have technical support and customer service hotline teams. 

In fact, these antiviruses do nothing to eliminate or detect the virus on the user’s computer. That is why they are faster than any other good antivirus, which is enough to catch the attention of an antivirus user.

All free but not good

As you can see when installing free antivirus, various third party software, search bar, add-on, adware etc are installed in the browser. 

Search bar is not technically harmful, but it prevents users from using their favorite search engine. 

But add-ons are very dangerous in many cases. Some of these add-ons steal user input data in the browser, and some monitor the user’s Internet activity. 

Adware force users to visit certain websites or show unwanted ads in popups. When installing antivirus, users are in danger of installing these third-party apps due to their own envy.

There is another type of antivirus called ‘Squareware‘. These are just for the purpose of making money. These types of antivirus contain completely malicious properties, which make it difficult to get rid of the user. 

Some antivirus testing laboratories, such as the Danish Technology Lab, AV Comparative, AV Test, have put the antivirus under critical scrutiny.

The main purpose of this study is to find out how much such antivirus is able to protect against malware. But unfortunately, the truth is, most of their test results are dangerous. 

Since users have to shell out large sums of money to use lab-tested and certified antivirus, most users are now leaning toward such fake, harmful antivirus. There are also antivirus that can be used for some time after free use.

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