Android Users Get Chance to Choose Search Engines in Europe

Android Users Get Chance to Choose Search Engines in Europe

Google will allow Android device users across Europe to select search engines. This means that the region’s Android users will be able to use search services from other organizations besides Google as the default search engine. 

While Google has called the matter an opportunity for Android users, it is believed to be changing due to the EU’s strict policies and penalties. News Reuters.

Google is being used as the default search engine on Android devices worldwide. But with the dominance of Android, Google is taking advantage of the unprecedented advantage by placing its products in the search service. 

In Europe, the allegations are under investigation. Last year, the company was fined $ 100 million in such an anti-trust case.

According to a Google blog post, search engines will have the option of selecting Android smartphones and tablet devices in the European Economic Area from 2020 onward. 

A total of four search engines, including Google, will be shown. From there, Android device users can set default search engine of their choice.

The European Union has long been accusing Google of imposing certain conditions on Android-powered device manufacturers. Because of this, manufacturers are being forced to supply Android devices with some pre-installed software. 

The company is putting forward its shopping services in online shopping by utilizing these software. When customers search for a specific product, Google’s search engine displays its shopping services first, which is contrary to market competition in Europe and such behavior has reduced the customer’s choice of products from different shopping sites.

Google is dominated by Android in the global mobile operating system sector. More than 80% of the world’s smartphones are running Android operating systems. 

Alphabet Inc., the operating system, has become one of Google’s revenue sources. Consumers are now buying more online with mobile devices.

Analysts claim that Google will give Android device users in Europe one of four search engines to choose from. Companies that pay more than the remaining three will be given opportunities. 

But if the three search engines left without Google will have the chance, the Android device users of the region will be defeated if they are not good.

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