Android Safety Tips and Mobile Security

Android Safety Tips | Mobile Security

The challenge of keeping a PC free from viruses or malware is to keep the smartphone of the modern day free from malware. 

Technology analysts say that cyber criminals are a bit more focused on smartphones, especially on PCs. 

That’s why everyone is struggling to keep the smartphone free of malware. Three simple habits can be helpful in this regard.

The rate of smartphone usage is increasing day by day, the amount of malware that is detrimental to the smartphone is increasing. 

Malware can also terminate the smartphone by destroying all information on the smartphone.

Malware is also known as the root of a smartphone. These malware appear in the disguise of various apps on smartphones.

Currently, there are more than 1 million such malware apps, according to technology security research firm McAfee. Another security company, Symantec, says malware accounts for six percent of mobile apps. 

In such a situation, it is difficult to guarantee that anyone who has installed a fantastic app on their mobile is not malware

Malware, in particular, is once again more comfortable in disguising a little more startling apps.

Contrary to this image, to the horror of ordinary smartphone users, attempts to protect smartphones from malware are just as optimistic. 

The top two companies, Apple (iOS) and Google (Android), the makers of smartphone operating systems, say they have no reason to worry about scanned apps in their own way. Instead, users can install their scanned apps on a dependency basis.

Technology security companies are saying the same thing. Extra caution in using third-party apps will greatly help smartphone users, they commented. 

Here are three simple ways to keep a smartphone free from malware based on their comments, suggestions.

Use the official App Store

Downloading apps from the official App Store is the best way to ensure that you do not download malware. The Google Playstore or Apple’s App Store can be helpful. 

Apple and Google regularly scan these apps in the App Store at regular intervals. Any time suspicious activity is detected in an app, it is removed within the fastest time. 

Installing apps from any other App Store instead of the official App Store will not guarantee full security. Many App Stores do not have strong scanning systems like Google Playstore or Apple App Store

Cyber criminals exploit these vulnerabilities in the third-party App Store to infect malware into apps. 

So if you are careful about downloading apps, it will help to keep the smartphone free from malware.

Don’t Jailbreak

Each smartphone operating system has various features built-in to ensure security. Due to this security force, many applications related to security are not installed or many functions related to security. 

As a result, many people try to unlock the phone by breaking this built-in security ring. This process is known as jailbreaking. 

Even if a phone is jailbroken, the user has to rely solely on the security of the phone’s data or other things. 

In that case the technicality of the matter will not be rich in knowledge, but the security will remain in doubt. Many malware can be accessed on your smartphone in this opportunity. 

So think once more before jailbreak – whether you are willing to compromise on security. If you want to give security the most importance, it would be prudent not to do jailbreak.

Stay Updated

Apps installed from the smartphone operating system – try to keep everything updated regularly. 

Those who work with malware, always try to find gaps in the operating system or any existing apps. And doing so makes it easier for them to spread the malware. 

They do it regularly. Neither the operating system nor the app makers are seated to counter this effort by cyber criminals. 

They also try their best to resolve any vulnerability or flaw in the operating system or app at any time. Any new updates or patches appear to fix any bugs.

Once hackers attack, an app or operating system is created with the risk that the update also comes up with a solution. They should be installed regularly. 

Keeping your operating system or app updated so you can go a long way in keeping your smartphone free of malware.

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