7 Reasons Why a Twitter Account can be Suspended

7 Reasons Why a Twitter Account can be Suspended

As a tech lover, almost all people use Twitter. But for many, the Twitter account is suspended within a short time. This is most often the case for freelancers

Those who work in the freelance market often have to open multiple Twitter accounts for clients. Many people also open many accounts and sell them. 

Again, those who blogging also need a Twitter account for promotions. In fact, there are many ways to earn from Twitter. As a result, everyone now has an account on this social platform like Facebook.

But the problem is withholding the account. Many people open an account, but can’t keep it. Frequently the account gets suspended. 

Today we will know the reasons for account ban or suspension on Twitter.

Reasons that Twitter account is suspended:

1. Open multiple accounts from the same IP

Many open more than one account for the same IP, whether for the client and for themselves, or for sale. It’s not just Twitter, any social media website can be detached.

Because, every computer or smartphone has an IP address that is determined by its network provider. If someone opens one account after the same IP, then he will be suspended.

Note: If you need to open multiple accounts, open from different computers. In particular, open from a computer or smartphone that has a separate net connection.

2. To open many accounts to follow

Whether due to excitement or not knowing, there are many who open up accounts and start following many people at once. 

In fact, after opening an account, when an ordinary person sees all the extraordinary people he likes, one begins to follow them all. This is not natural, at which point the account is suspended.

Note: Do not follow too many people when opening an account. You must have the time to follow a known or favorite celebrity.

3. Follow several accounts in a short time

This is one of the main reasons that many people follow one after another without opening an account. 

Twitter’s automated system detects it as un-visual activity and suspends the account.

Note: It’s better not to follow more than 10/12 people a day.

4. More followers, less followers

In many accounts it is seen that he has followed many people but very few have followed him. 

For example, his account may have been followed by 1,000 accounts. However, only 50 people or less have followed his account. Such accounts are also suspended.

Note: Do not follow more people. And start following the general public, not just the celebrities. Because, celebrities will not follow you, ordinary people will.

5. Many tweets are favorites

For the sake of feeling good, and because of the mansion, many keep tweeting favorites of others. 

This is not a problem, the problem is when many tweets are favorite in a short time. It is also an un-natural activity that Twitter detects for a short time after detecting it.

Note: Many of your tweets may like you. That is why it should not be a constant favorite.

6. Too many tweets

Many people tweet daily, though tweeting something daily is not a problem. The problem is when many tweets are done in one day. 

The account from which such tweets are triggered, the account is suspended.

Note: It’s best not to tweet more than 2/3 a day.

7. Not following the rules of Twitter

There are many people who do not read the terms and conditions of the site while using it. In this case, the rules are often broken by some, resulting in account suspension. 

Twitter has many important terms of service that you must obey if you want to keep your Twitter account active. Following are some of the Twitter Terms of Service:

  • No one can tweet harassing anyone.
  • Nothing can be tweeted about porn.
  • Cannot tweet with any anti-national text.
  • No celebrity can be tweeted.
  • Trends or popular hash tags cannot be misused.

Note: You understand that you have to abide by the above rules.

Main Concern

Twitter knows the reason for suspending accounts. Now, be aware of the use of Twitter, use Twitter and keep your account secure.

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