7 Major Disadvantages of Using Facebook

7 Major Disadvantages of Using Facebook

In the last 100 years, the communication system has improved greatly. From letter to telephone call, telephone call to text, text to video call and video to social media communication has been unprecedented. In addition to these improvements, Facebook, one of the biggest inventions of the 21st century, was founded in 2004.

At first it started to spread like an epidemic virus in the US and then around the world. Facebook now has 1.23 billion monthly active users.

Initially, the goal was to create connections between people. But with the popularity of Facebook, it has become a curse for most people. 

Many committed suicide due to various moods that took place on Facebook, many families were broken up and even many people were killed due to Facebook.

Although Facebook has thousands of benefits, many disadvantages of Facebook have been listed so far. Know today that why people should leaving Facebook for 7 reasons. 7 major disadvantages of using Facebook.

The bad aspects of using Facebook

1. Facebook wastes valuable time

People are naturally more interested in learning about themselves. So while on Facebook and scrolling on the news feed, many people waste their valuable time by seeing others’ posts, photos or events. 

It has become such a disease, like the pictures or posts shared in the news feed, commenting on almost everyone is very important. As a result it spends a lot of time behind it.

You can spend as much of your free time on Facebook. But if you are time conscious, you can spend this free time taking care of yourself, learning something new or doing your daily work. And if you have to use this social media, use it for an effective job. For example, use Facebook to get a job.

2. Facebook can frustrate you

According to a study published on 2016, the friends’ shared posts on Facebook make you or your friends jealous and upset.

In addition, a study by Choo and Edge (2012) found that chronic Facebook users feel that others live happier lives than they do, thus making their lives worthless.

You will compare your life with a party or holiday photo of friends, pictures of beautiful family moments or news of any success. You might not have a happy picture or success story to share. It will create in you a kind of frustration with life.

3. Spends time with useless people on Facebook

See the number of your friends on Facebook. How many of them are really good friends? Find out, there are many friends in the Friends list that you do not know in your personal life.

Again, there are many friends from whom you will neither benefit nor benefit from you. So not only do you spend time but also your valuable energy.

4. Facebook provides rumors and useless information

Newspapers or media are a good medium for news. Although there is a lot of misinformation in newspapers or media these days. However, more fake information and useless information are shared on Facebook.

Lots of useless information, trolls, circuses, and more unnecessary information wasted time. Many big rumors and communal riots began to focus on fake Facebook information.

5. Facebook damages your communication skills

When was the last time you ran in real life with friends, relatives or co-workers on Facebook? Social media that seems to help us communicate but we forget the actual communication.

That is why these relationships have a negative impact in our country, at home, at work or elsewhere.

6. Facebook post manipulates you to do so

The biggest problem with Facebook is its influence on human creativity. Facebook is a free social media site and you can do anything. 

However, like most of you, Facebook likes, comments have introduced a wonderful way of commenting.

After sharing a post or a photo, everyone is more inclined to get more likes or comments. So to get more likes you have to work hard on the back of a post or a photo. 

Think how to make it fun, interesting or smart. But you could spend the same amount of time doing something else.

7. That’s when Facebook became life

The more time you can spend on Facebook, the more Facebook will benefit. So Facebook is always your choice. The things you love the most are the ones that bring the Facebook news feed to the forefront.

Since your favorite things are getting on Facebook, it is not possible for you to leave Facebook. As a result you are becoming detached from the real world. Another is creating virtual real life that is just meaningless and worthless.


This article is meant to awaken your feelings about Facebook and encourage you to spend your valuable time on something valuable. 

Do you make a routine, how much time do you spend on Facebook? If you want to spend time on Facebook, you can spend it on something else. However, you can use Facebook for a little while.

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