5 Useful Add-ons for Gmail

5 Useful Add-ons for Gmail | Best Gmail Add-ons Amazing Features and Abilities | Gmail Logs

The name of the service most commonly used by Internet users is email. One of the most popular email services globally (gmail logs) is online giant Google Gmail. 

Billions of Internet users use Gmail because of its easy-to-use user interface.

No matter how easy to use, a variety of add-ons can make it easier to use. At the same time, the speed of Gmail can be new. 

Gmail has many add-ons for different web browsers and desktops as well.

Here are 5 best add-ons in this article:

1. Task force

In addition to Google’s own web browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers have Gmail add-ons called Taskforce. 

This add-on will turn Gmail Inbox into a productivity tool. Installing the Taskforce Add-ons will add you to Gmail’s Inbox, a fantastic interface of the Taskforce. 

Any email can then be added as a new ‘task’ or as an addition to the old ‘task’, which will be displayed in a separate box to the right of the inbox. 

From here you can share any ‘task’ with anyone. As a result, it will provide a collaborative facility to Gmail.

2. ToutApp

For those who use Gmail for their business, these add-ons will bring great benefits. The same type of email is usually sent to different individuals or organizations for doing business. 

There is a variety of template ready built-in templates for this task. These templates also have the option of automatically adding document attachments or CC recipients. From there, you can arrange to automatically send certain emails on time. 

And you can sort your inbox mail into different groups on your contact list. These add-ons can be used for Google Chrome and Firefox.

3. Smart inbox

Smart Inbox is for those who want to make changes to Gmail’s traditional inbox, as well as add different social media sites to Gmail. This add-on is able to scan the contacts of Gmail, 

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and sort them all. Installing these add-ons will bring you a sidebar to the right of your Gmail inbox, which will display pictures of your various contacts and various social media updates. 

As a result, this app will be able to get all the news of your friends just by sitting in Gmail. These add-ons are for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

4. Away find

High-priority email in your Gmail is actually an add-on add-ons capable of sending a notification to your phone. 

Away Find It will be notified via voice call, text message, instant message or notification on Twitter. And it has its own mobile app. 

If it is installed on your mobile you will get the notification right there. These add-ons made by Google Chrome or Firefox are able to automatically pick up the emails you need by analyzing the emails in your Gmail. 

As a result, you don’t have to miss any of Gmail’s important emails if you use these add-ons.

5. Find big mail

Gmail has 5 GB of storage for everyone. You need to spend more money if you want to use more storage. However, many people do not think that enough storage is enough. 

They have the advantage of finding the Big Mail. When a Gmail user accesses the Inbox by entering his or her Gmail address on the Find Big Mail web page, it will find the most-populated emails in your Gmail inbox. 

Once the entire inbox is scanned, a report will tell you which emails are taking up most of your mail space. From there, you’ll find it easier to find and delete unnecessary emails.

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