5 Upcoming Features of WhatsApp

5 Upcoming Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world. Over the years, WhatsApp has brought many new features to Android and iPhone users. 

The Facebook-owned company is working on some new features to make the application more attractive and convenient.

Dark Mode: One of the most interesting features of WhatsApp is the Dark mode. This feature has been shown in beta version apps. Different colors of the Dark mode help to reduce pressure on the eyes. 

After the sun goes down, the light of the phone creates pressure on our eyes. It is thought to be a special feature to reduce this pressure.

Quick Edit Media: WhatsApp has already started working on a new feature called ‘Quick Edit Media’. This feature is shown in new beta version apps. 

This feature can be used to exchange various media files. This is very different from the rest of WhatsApp’s editing tools. According to WAITInfo, users can edit chat media as well as share it directly.

 More Forwarded Info: To prevent fake news, WhatsApp added a ‘forwarded’ label to messages forwarded through Sender last year. 

Currently, the company plans to add a label called ‘Frequently Forwarded’ to enhance that feature. This feature lets you know when the message was sent and when it was read.

QR Code: WhatsApp plans to add new contacts via QR Code. The new feature of WhatsApp, which has been tagged on Instagram, has been reported to be somewhat similar. Each WhatsApp user will get a new QR code that they can share with others. 

However, when using WhatsApp Web, the phone is logged in through WhatsApp with this QR code. This time there will be a QR code to add new contact.

Hide Muted Status: Like the unfollow option on Facebook, WhatsApp’s ‘Hide Muted Status’ does not completely block any contact, just removes it from the status feed. 

Currently, if one of the states is muted, it moves lightly below the status feed. WhatsApp is working to improve this feature, where this mutated status feed can be completely removed.

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