5 Upcoming Features of Facebook Messenger

5 Upcoming Features of Facebook Messenger

Facebook always try to update and cope up with the new technology. Messenger is one of them. Facebook is launching five new features for Messenger users. 

Mark Zuckerberg discussed the future of messenger at Facebook’s annual developer conference last May. There, Mark Zuckerberg highlighted in his discussion that Facebook did not want to limit Messenger to the messaging and calling app. 

Facebook is looking to bring a more advanced messenger app by 2020.

5 Upcoming Features of Facebook Messenger

1. Speed Up: Facebook wants to increase the speed of their messenger app. For that purpose, several designs and UI-changes have been made. 

Besides, the messenger app that takes less space on the smartphone, is also keeping an eye. Messenger is trying to limit the size to less than 30 MB.

2. Close-friends Group: The Facebook app has this feature but there is no such feature in Messenger. In the coming days, this feature will also be in Messenger. 

Groups can be created with favorite close friends. The group can be selected in the privacy settings of a post on the Facebook app.

3. Video Viewing in the Group: The Facebook Watch Party was launched on July 2018. The feature featured videos of Facebook friends simultaneously. 

With the popularity of this feature, Facebook is also seeking to bring this feature to Messenger. As a result, the video will be seen with friends in the group.

4. Messenger Desktop App: Messenger is about to bring app for desktop like mobile. 

Currently, Messenger can be accessed by logging into Facebook. But Facebook brings this app to facilitate easy chat and video calling.

5. Advantages of More Advanced Chat Bots: Various organizations and individuals open chat bot options on their Facebook page messenger. 

This allows you to automatically reply to multiple messages. Facebook wants to make this chatbot even better. 

The developers are working to create a chat-bot capable of doing important tasks like creating an appointment.

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