32 Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

32 Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Dear readers, Get ready to bookmark this post now. Today we will share some Facebook keyboard shortcuts, which will make your Facebook access easier. 

Only a third of Facebook users use Facebook on their mobile device. But Facebook still has many functions and features that can only be accessed from a computer. 

Because Facebook, the largest social network platform, was first created for the desktop web.

Many of the benefits of Facebook are from the computer, and notable is the keyboard shortcut. Applying the shortcuts will make your Facebook access easier and more enjoyable. 

Facebook has kept the same keystrokes for years, though some have changed and some necessary keystrokes have been added. 

Today we will know the latest list of Facebook keyboard shortcuts.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook News Feed Shortcut

Almost everyone on Facebook spends most of their day in the Facebook news feed. Today we will look at some of the key keyboard shortcuts in Facebook’s News Feed:

P – For new post or status update
J – To get down
K – to rise
L – Like the selected post or react
S – For selected post share
C – To go to the comment section of the selected post
O – To open the attached post attachment
/ – to go to the search function
Q – To open Messenger chat
One thing to keep in mind, the keyboard shortcuts above will work just fine on the news feed.

Facebook Messenger Shortcut

The most frequently used messenger is the news feed. The operation of the CTRL or ALT keyboard shortcuts depends on your operating system. As a result, the case may be a little different. 

For example, there are differences between CTRL or ALT on Mac OS. However, we now see keyboard shortcuts:

M – for writing new messages
R – To mark the message as read
J – To mark as spam message
Y / Z – To archive or unarchive a message
G – to search the message
I – To go to the inbox
U – This shortcut is used to switch to other options

And, one more thing, if you forget a shortcut, press CTRL and ALT together and click on Q. You see the keyboard icon on the bottom right side of Facebook. 

Clicking on the keyboard icon will show you all the shortcuts.

Navigation Shortcuts on Facebook

The shortcut for this section depends not only on your operating system, but also on your browser.

For Windows you need to do the following:

Internet Explorer: Alt + #, then Enter
Mozilla Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
Google Chrome for PC: Alt + #
And for Mac OS, you need to do the following:

Safari: Ctrl + Opt + #
Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Opt + #
Chrome: Ctrl + Opt + #

The # sign refers to every number on your keyboard, which will take you to a specific section of Facebook. The # sign has 3, you can go to different sections of Facebook using numbers like 1/2/3. Ex:

1 – Home
2 – Timeline
3 – Friends
4 – Inbox
5 – Notifications
6 – Settings
7 – Activity Log
8 – About
9 – Terms
0 – Help

And if you also forget about a shortcut here, click SHIFT + Q one by one. Notice that the keyboard icon appears in the lower right side of Facebook. 

Click on this icon to see all the shortcuts at once.

Then apply the shortcuts right away. And if I omit anything and you know it, you can comment.

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